As part of your private lesson (MUAP) study, you will perform at least once over the course of the semester in a student recital.

Preparation: To help assure you are ready for the recital, you will perform your selection in a performance class before you perform on a recital.  This will give you a chance to work through performance nerves and to hear feedback from your peers.  Students who are not prepared will not be allowed to perform on the student recital.

Concert Dress: Appropriate dress is professional and elegant.  For men, this might mean a suit or sports coat and slacks.  For women, this could be a dress or pants suit; knees, shoulders, and midriffs should be covered.  The audience should remember your performance, not your clothing!

Sign-Up Sheets: All sign-up sheets for performance classes, student recitals, and juries will be posted on the bulletin board outside of H117.  It is your responsibility to sign-up for a time and provide the Title of your piece and full name of the Composer.