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2009 Event Details

Benefiting the Students

As part of the 2009 event, more than $23,000 in scholarships was awarded to more than 30 students. The event primarily benefits students in the nursing, radiologic technology, and physical therapist assistant programs; however, since the college has expanded its program offerings to include emergency responders, proceeds from Healthier U will also provide scholarships for students in the fire science and emergency medical technician programs.

Sue Fagnant, a first-year student in the physical therapist assistant program, was the recipient of the first Healthier U endowed scholarship, completed in 2009. The $1,000 scholarship will enable her to continue the program and ultimately, fulfill her goal to work as a physical therapist assistant here in the community.

"I'm honored and so pleased to be the recipient of this scholarship," said Fagnant. "I'm enrolled in a wonderful, yet challenging program at an excellent school, and I can guarantee that this scholarship was money well spent."

Associate Degree Nursing Program (ADN)

Dana Barlow
Yurley Flores
Amy Hicks
Lynda Huggins
Kara Kelly
Padmeni Nagaraja
Jennifer Rivers

Licensed Vocational Nursing Program (LVN)

Lisyana Bustos
Taisia Jignea
Tristyn Underwood

Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Cynthia Burgan
Suzanne Fagnant*
Chunpong Lau
Aaron Leal
Audrey Mueller
Kamila Szczesik

Radiologic Technology Program

Desiree Adams
Monida Candanedo
Elizabeth Korpe
Shannon Leigh

* Sue Fagnant was the recipient of the first Healthier U endowed scholarship, completed in 2009. Fagnant was awarded a $1,000 scholarship.

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