FY 2010

2009 - 2010 Full Report [PDF 4 MB]
Carstens, D.R. (2010). Introduction.

Alleman, J. (2010). Promoting Engagement in an Online Course. – (LSC-Kingwood)
Barrows, B. & Davis-Gilmore, J. (2010). Speech Communication as a Primary Motivator for First Year Students. – (LSC-North Harris)
Bary, D. (2010). Can Non-Science Students Learn to Think Critically About Science-Related Topics in an Introductory Geology Class? – (LSC-Tomball)
Boyd, D. (2010). Engaging Nature: A Nature-Themed Approach to ENGL 1301. –  (LSC-Tomball)
Buckman, K. (2010). Getting Personal with Psychology of Personality: Improving the Capstone Project. – (LSC-Montgomery)
Byers, V. T. (2010). Increasing Adjunct Faculty’s Assignment of Successful Group Projects. – (LSC-Kingwood)
Byers, V. T. (2010). Student Engagement Levels in Both Passive and Active Group Project Environments. – (LSC-Kingwood)
Chapman, O. (2010). Student Engagement in the Distance Learning Environment. – (LSC-Tomball)
Coleman, M. & Zachary, P. (2010). Introduction to Algebra - Enhanced Modular Format. – (LSC-Tomball)
Fane, J. B. (2010). Incorporating Ropes Courses to Build Self-Esteem, Leadership Skills, and Enhance Student Performance. – (LSC-CyFair)
Filoteo, J. (2010). It’s All in the Name:  The Importance of Learning Student Names. – (LSC-Tomball)
Gallander, L. & Watson, A. (2010). Improving Occupational Therapy Assistant Student Experience Prior to Clinicals. – (LSC-Kingwood)
Gamber, H. (2010). Increase Student Engagement and Effort Outside of the Classroom. – (LSC-CyFair)
Hall, B. & Penrod, S. (2010). Beyond the classroom: Student-Faculty Engagement Centered on Biology Curriculum. – (LSC-North Harris)
Kagle, J. (2010). Creating an Environment of Complete Communication. – (LSC-Kingwood)
Lorber, G. (2010). Implementing Simulation Software in an Entry-Level Entrepreneurship Course to Improve Student Engagement and the Quality of Course Deliverables. – (LSC-CyFair)
Michelsen, B. (2010). Teaching Critical Thinking in Political Science: Countering the Effects of Political Ideology. – (LSC-Montgomery)
Norem, J. (2010). Using a Blog to Promote Engagement Among English Composition Students. –  (LSC-Tomball)
O'Brien, R. (2010). Using Active Reading Exercises to Promote Engagement. – (LSC-CyFair)
Shafiee, S., & Li, W. (2010). Learning Community of Macroeconomics and English Composition and Rhetoric. – (LSC-North Harris)
Shmaefsky, B. (2010). Analysis of Classroom Presentations to Improve Student Engagement. – (LSC-Kingwood)
Tandon, M. (2010). Implementing Various Stages of the "Accelerated Learning Cycle". – (LSC-CyFair)
Theis, J. (2010). Involving Students Academically Outside the Classroom. – (LSC-Kingwood)
White, C. (2010). Department Wide Implementation of Interactive Homework Assignments. – (LSC-CyFair)

FY 2011

2010 - 2011 Project Proposal Summaries [PDF 302 KB]