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Annex C: Shelter & Mass Care

The purpose of this annex is to outline organizational preparations, operational concepts,responsibilities, and procedures to protect LSCS students, employees and others from the effects of an emergency situation at a LSCS location by providing shelter and mass care.

Concept of Operations

LSCS Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for developing a plan, forcoordinating and providing mass care services to persons affected by a disaster. LSCS will work closely with LSCS Presidents and Vice Presidents of Administrative Services offices and volunteer organizations that provide shelter and mass care support to determine the availability of shelter and feeding facilities, and encourage LSCS personnel participation in shelter management training.

The American Red Cross and The Salvation Army serve as the primary agencies to lead this effort. Support agencies include regional sheriffs, fire marshals, public works, and public health departments, school districts and superintendents, and the Harris County Institute of Forensic (medical examiner) offices.

A LSCS center of refuge or shelter may be opened for an LSCS emergency affecting LSCS occupants. If LSCS opens a refuges of last resort, there is no planning on conversion of a refuge of last resort to a shelter. If a LSCS facility is opened as a wind refuge of last resort pre- landfall of a hurricane, this location will be closed as soon as tropical storm force winds have abated.


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