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Annex D: Radiological Protection

The purpose of this annex is to define organizational concepts, procedures, and organization, and to assign responsibilities for an effective operational radiological protection program (RPP) for preparation and response in the event of a radiological emergency affecting a LSCS facility. This plan will enable LSCS to provide a coordinated response to emergencies involving radioactive materials and for determination and implementation of local measures to protect life, property, and the environment during the course of the event.

Concept of Operations

A basic local radiation protection program (RPP) consists of the OEM, Police, Facilities, the local emergency operations Center (EOC), and an incident response capability that includes one or more Radiological Officers (ROs) to manage the program including detection and communications. LSCS does not have a RO nor a hazmat team. The primary agency responsible for responding to a radiological event is the local Fire Marshal’s Office. Supporting agencies include the County Judge’s Office, County Sheriff’s Office, Public Health Departments, and the Houston Institute of Forensics Office.

Once a radiological accident occurs, responsibility for managing and directing the response is assigned to the local, on-scene Incident Commander. If activated, responsibility for coordinating external support is assigned to the EOC staff as led by the Fire Marshal’s Office. The OEM working with the regional Fire Marshals are responsible for developing and maintaining this annex.


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