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Annex K: Facilities Management (Including Utilities & Debris Management)

LSCS depends upon its local utility providers to assume responsibility for connectivity and ownership of utilities (gas, water, sewer, electricity, telephone services) into a LSCS facility.

The purpose of this annex is to describe the organization, operational concepts, responsibilities, and procedures to prevent, protect from, respond to, and recover from temporary disruptions in utility services (gas, water, sewer, electricity, telecommunications) and the removal of debris that threaten public health or safety in the local area.

This annex is not intended to deal with persistent shortages of water due to drought or prolonged statewide or regional shortages of electricity or natural gas. Measures to deal with protracted water shortages are addressed in the drought plans that must be maintained by each public water supply utility in the LSCS service area.

Resolving protracted water shortages normally requires long-term efforts to improve use of available supplies. Measures to deal with widespread energy shortages are normally promulgated by state and federal regulatory agencies. LSCS and local governments may support utility efforts to deal with long-term water and energy supply problems by enacting and enforcing conservation measures and providing the public information pertinent to the local situation.

Concept of Operations

The LSCS Facilities Director (or his/her designee) will serve as the LSCS Utility Coordinator. The operations of utilities used by LSCS will be directed by those individuals who manage the utility on a daily basis. These individuals are expected to continue to manage the operations of those utilities during emergency situations. The LSCS Facilities Department will work with local organizations to obtain heavy equipment and personnel needed to support restoration of utilities for a LSCS facility(ies). These individuals are expected to continue to manage the operations of those utilities during emergency situations.


  • Annex L, Energy & Utilities, to the State of Texas Emergency Management Plan
  • FEMA, Guide for All-Hazard Emergency Operations Planning (SLG-101)
  • GDEM, Disaster Recovery Texas Manual (DEM-62)
  • LSCS Basic Plan