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The purpose of this annex is to define the organization, operational concepts, responsibilities and procedures necessary to accomplish direction and control for LSCS. This annex describes LSCS’ concept of operations and organization for direction and control of such operations and assigns responsibilities for tasks that must be carried out to perform the direction and control function.

Concept of Operations

During major emergencies, disasters or catastrophic incidents, a system-wide and Multi-agency Coordination System may be advisable. Central to this system is the LSCS Emergency Operations Center (EOC), which is the core of all information and resources coordination. The Incident Commander (IC) will manage and direct the on-scene response from the Incident Command Post (ICP). The EOC will mobilize and request deployment of resources for use by the IC, coordinate internal and external resource and technical support, research problems, provide information to senior managers, disseminate emergency public information and perform other tasks to support on-scene operations.

The campus Police Captain, Chief Emergency Management Officer, or their designee, will serve as EOC Managers. The LSCS Police Department will be responsible for EOC security during activation.


  • DEM, Local Emergency Management Planning Guide (DEM-10)
  • FEMA, Guide for All-Hazard Emergency Operations Planning (SLG-101)
  • Annex I: Public Information, LSCS Basic Plan.
  • Annex B: Communications, LSCS Basic Plan.