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The purpose of this annex is to outline the concept of operations, organizational arrangements, and responsibilities for coordinating the efforts of LSCS resources, volunteer groups and local government to manage donations of goods and services that may occur in the aftermath of an emergency situation.

Concept of Operations

The primary objective of donations management is to determine the needs of disaster victims, inform potential donors of those needs through the media and a variety of other means, and establish a process in which to receive, process, and distribute donations contributing to the recovery process. Donations management activities are handled through the Donations Management Committee lead by the Vice President of Administrative Services and College Relations.

In addition to LSCS resources, LSCS also relies upon the donations management of the LSC Foundation, LSC employees who have volunteered, student government, community-based organizations (CBOs) and other volunteer organizations who have successfully handled donations management in the past. However, experience has shown that volunteer groups can be overwhelmed by the volume of donations and may need certain government assistance obtaining resources such as, providing transportation, acquiring food and water, traffic control, and security.

Cash is generally the preferred donation for disaster relief. Donations of cash to the LSC Foundation, CBOs and other volunteer agencies for disaster relief allows those organizations to purchase the specific items needed by disaster victims or provide vouchers to disaster victims so that they can replace essential personal property with items of their own choosing. Cash donations also reduce the tasks of transporting, sorting, and distributing donated goods.


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