STAPLES Internship & STARS Scholarship Program

Know someone who needs money for college?
Tell them to Apply for the STAPLES Internship and STARS Scholarship!

STAPLES Internship

Students in Training to Apply for Potential Leadership Experience as STARS, is a volunteer program that is a mandatory prerequesite for Lone Star College- North Harris students who want to be eligible for Students Outreach and Recruitment's $350 S.T.A.R.S. Scholarship Program. After the completion of 20 hours and volunteer performance review, the STARS and SOAR manager will determine the acceptance of the STAPLE into the STARS Scholarship Program. High schools student over 16 years of age are eligible for the internship.

STARS Scholarship

Students Trained in Admissions and Recruitment Support, is an important student-to-student component within SOAR. STARS act as representative of Lone Star College-North Harris within the community in a variety of facets.We are looking for responisble college students who love Lone Star College-North Harris and are interested in motivating other prospective students to pursue a higher education.

Internship and Scholarship Requirements


  • Peer to Peer Outreach at Elementary, Middle, and High Schools
  • Lunch Room Visits and Informational Table
  • Outreach at Community Events (Festivals, Fairs, Churches, Shows)
  • Campus Tours
  • Calling Campaigns
  • Fulifillment Card Process
  • Public Speaking and Presentations
  • Support SOAR Staff and Events
Scholarship (Only for STARS Scholarship):
  • $350 per semester scholarship
  • Renewable every semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) based off performance


  • Complete the STAPLES Internship first
  • Complete 50 hours of service in a semester as a STAR
  • Reliable transportation
  • Must be an enrolled student at Lone Star College-North Harris
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA


  • Will receive mileage compensation for traveling
  • Will receive a Lone Star College-North Harris Shirt to wear for outreaching
  • Flexible hours
  • Improve public speak skills and boosts self confidence
  • Learning about all the campus resources
  • Making a difference in prospective students's lives!

Application Process:

  • Complete an Application with Official Transcript from Lone Star College-North Harris.
  • Click here for a STAPLES Intership Application or pick up an application at the Student Services Building 111.
  • Click here for a  STARS Application 
  • Interview with STARS Manager, Ernesto Valenzuela