LSC-CyFair Math Department

Course Information
Math 1314  College Algebra
Math 1316  Trigonometry
Math 1324  Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences
Math 1325  Calculus for Business and Social Sciences
Math 1332  College Mathematics for Liberal Arts
Math 1342  Statistics
Math 1350  Foundations of Mathematics I
Math 1351  Foundations of Mathematics II
Math 2318  Linear Algebra
Math 2320  Differential Equations
Math 2412  Precalculus
Math 2413  Calculus I
Math 2414  Calculus II
Math 2415  Calculus III
Tecm 1303  Technical Calculations

MyMathLab Information
MyMathLab Access
MyMathLab Portal Access
MyMathLab User's Guide
New Features January 2012
FAQs for MML New Features January 2012
Instructions for Students Registering for the First Time
Instructions for Students Registering for Additional Courses
MyMathLab Temporary Access Program
How to Post Documents to MyMathLab
LSC-CF MyMathLab Generic Access Course IDs
MyMathLab Technical Support Numbers:
     For Faculty: 888-695-6577
     For Students: 800-677-6337

Other Technology Resources
Maple Adoption Program
Math Type 6.7 Request Form
Who Doesn't Want to be a Millionaire
     Calculus Edition
Instructions for Using the Graphing Calculator
     Emulator on Classroom Computers
Instructions for Using Remind for Text Messages


Syllabus Materials
LSC-CyFair Syllabus Template (Word Document)
Syllabus Template for Dual Credit Classes
Division Contact Number: 281-290-5279
Email Syllabi to
Instructions for Uploading Syllabi and Vitae From Within MyLoneStar:
     Uploading Syllabi to the Web
     Uploading Vitae to the Web
Important Dates for Semester Planning

If You Are Going to Be Absent
Call 832-482-1004 or email:  

Department Guidelines
Guidelines for LSC-CyFair Math Instructors

Resources For Teaching And Learning
FAQs for Adjunct Faculty
Math Placement Test Cutoff Scores
Tutoring Center Information
     Current Semester Tutoring Schedule
     List of Tutors with Subject Expertise
Assessment Center Home Page
     Testing Center Requests (instructions)
Instructions for Verifying Official Day Rolls
Review for Students Entering College Algebra
General Review for College Algebra Final Exam
Student Early Intervention Program
          (Use email login and password)
College Vision and Learning Signature
7 Principles for Undergrad Education

Mathematical Organizations
LSC-CyFair Math Club
Department of Transitional Math

Important Forms
Grade Change Form
Schedule Change Form (used for Excessive Absence Drops)
"I" Contract Form
Course Substitution Request