LSC-CyFair Math Department

The following Course IDs point to generic MyMathLab courses. These courses are designed for instructors who do not plan to build their own MyMathLab sections.  In these generic courses, students access the online text, all the audiovisual materials for the course, tutorial resources and sample homework and tests they can work for their own benefit.   Students also get access to the College MyMathLab Portal page. Grades are not sent to instructors.  If instructors plan to make these generic courses available to their students, they should share these Course IDs with them. They will also need to know the college zip code, 77433.

Generic Access Course IDs for the 2014 - 2015 School Year

Math 1314:  burghduff27394
Math 1316:  burghduff93392
Math 1324 & 1325:  burghduff27955
Math 1332:  burghduff22624
Math 1342:  burghduff51249
Math 1350 & 1351:  burghduff68704
Math 2412:  burghduff33442
Math 2413, 2414 &2415:  burghduff60274