Be a STAR! The Success Training and Referral (STAR) Program is here to provide you with college skills that will help you in ALL of your classes.

What is STAR?

The Success Training and Referral (STAR) Program is a program designed to assist students in mastering skills that will provide them with long-term academic success. It functions similarly to tutoring in that students make 30 minute appointments. Unlike tutoring, however, in a STAR appointment students do not focus on a specific content area. Instead, they will focus on skills that will help them throughout their academic careers. STAR appointments will target areas such as time management, test taking tips, study strategies, and more.

How can a student make an appointment to see a coach?

If you are interested in meeting with one of our STAR coaches, contact us at 281-312-1439 or set up an appointment online at

You also can walk in to talk with one of our coaches during their scheduled hours. They are here to help you reach your academic goals! They are located in the Tutoring Center - PAC 200.

As an instructor, how do I know which students I should refer?

Some common signs may be excessive absences (especially during the first week), the student does not turn in assignments, performs poorly on assignments and tests/quizzes, is acting-out in class, appears depressed, or seems overwhelmed or lost as a new college student.

One of my students would benefit from this program. How do I refer him/her?

Please complete the form below. Frequently, students that are referred by the instructor do not come to the appointment with the coaches. To make the program more effective, it might be a good idea for you, as the instructor, to let the student know that you are referring him/her and explain how he/she can benefit from this program in your classroom.

What happens after the referral?

  1. A STAR Coach will contact, counsel and advise the student in strategies for academic success.
  2. If it is a referral by instructor, the instructor will be notified when the referral has been handled and will receive a follow-up report. The amount of information shared with the instructor is determined by whether or not the student has signed a consent form and/or gives the STAR Coach and/or Coordinator permission to share the information.

Who are the STAR coaches?

The STAR coaches are students that are simultaneously serving as Supplemental Instruction leaders. They are model students and expert learners. In addition, they have a variety of tools and resources to help students learn, regardless of the class!

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