Spring 2010 Sports Results

HCC's Team won the team title with the most points won. Everyone had a great time and appreciated LSC-Kingwood hosting the tournament!

Men's Doubles Winners - LSC-Montgomery
Left: Brian Philipose Right: Ben Philipose

Women's Doubles Winners- LSC-Kingwood
Left: Samantha Valdez Right: Sarah Cordon

Men's Singles Winner - LSC-Montgomery
Brian Philipose

Women's Singles Winner - HCC

Mixed Doubles Winner - Marnie Leaney HCC
Left: Marnie Leaney Right: Michael Lee


Brian Philipose LSC-Montgomery
Greg Fullerton LSC-Kingwood
Michelle Fitch/Cody Bearden LSC-Montgomery


Jennifer Garcia - 3rd / Kylee Huddleston - 1st /Allie Parsons - 2nd

2010 Intramural Handball Men's
John Klassens1st /Brian Broughton 2nd 2010

Intramural Racquetball Women's
Allie Parsons 2nd/ Jennifer Garcia 3rd/ Kylee

Huddleston 1st 2010 Intramural Racquetball Men's

James Paris1st / Daniel Morris 2nd Place 2010 Intramurals Racquetball Men's

Derek Vance 3rd/ Coby Toth 3rd