The Learning Center at LSC-Kingwood offers free tutoring for all placement tests as well as the mathematics, reading and writing components of all major examinations (including the GED, GRE, ACT, etc.).

Students interested in seeing a tutor can make a tutoring appointment in writing or math or they can see a tutor in one of the walk-in labs in the corresponding subject area. 

 The best materials are those directly related to the test you're taking - feel free to take a sample test or utilize the resources (provided in the links below) and print out your results, if possible. 

We also have study guide books available for in-house study in the tutoring center. Come by and take a look!

Don’t Test Cold!  Heat up your placement test skills with the Learning Center!  Make an appointment to see a math or writing tutor

Resources for Placement Tests
Many exams and placement tests cover the same material. Just because it says it is for a specific test does not mean that the resource will not apply to the test you're taking!

Mathematics & Statistics

Math Study Guide
Sample Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Reading Comprehension

Reading Tips
Sample Exercises 1, 2, 3

Writing Multiple Choice

Sample Exercise: 1, 2, 3, 4

WritePlacer or Essay Writing Components
WritePlacer Study Packet
Sample Essays
Scoring Information

 Sample Tests

Need additional information about coming in to take a test or assessment? Visit the Testing Center's website!

Facts about Placement Tests

State law requires that the college use the score you receive on a placement test to place you in specific math and/or English classes.

They are NOT pass/fail. It is simply scored to see which classes would be most helpful to you in your college career. They will determine whether you begin taking… 

  • Classes with credit that will apply to your degree, or 
  • “Refresher courses” to build your skills. 
Both the ACCUPLACER and COMPASS tests are computerized and adaptive.
  • If you answer a question correctly, the computer will give you a similar or harder question. 
  • If you answer a question incorrectly, the computer will give you an easier question. 

Students who have not practiced grammar, factoring, or computation are often placed into development or “refresher” courses.

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