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Meet the Gender-Sexuality Alliance Officers

Erika Payne, President

Major: Biotechnology
Hometown: Humble, TX

  • Why did you join this organization? I joined to meet new people who share similar beliefs and interests as me. I feel that this club offers a unique opportunity for students and folks of the surrounding community to have the opportunity to interact with a unique population of individuals, when they otherwise may not have the choice otherwise to.
  • What are your personal goals for the semester? I want to do the best I can academically, meaning I want my work to be of the highest quality that I am capable of. One of the many goals I have for this semester is to spread the belief that Love is Love, no matter what form it may take.
  • What are your goals for the organization? I hope we help others feel more comfortable with themselves and help others better understand what GSA is all about. I also want to see it grow beyond our current member base and for us to better serve the surrounding community via volunteering and charity fundraisers.
  • What are your career interests? I have an interest for working in the lab setting. My dream career would be to aiding to solve cases in the Forensic lab. I also see myself helping to do research in a medical lab as well.
  • What are your hobbies outside of school? I enjoy playing video/computer games, looking up anything that's science, arts and crafts, and rocking out to my favorite band Blue October.

Erika was born in Farmington Hills, Michigan on January 28, 1985. When she was six years old, her parents split up. Erika moved with her mother and brother to Detroit, MI where she lived until her mother’s death in March 2004. In 2006 she moved to Texas to gain a fresh start at life. She worked as a nanny until she found a job at The Home Depot in 2011. In 2012 her life changed for the better. She started school at LSC-Kingwood and meet her soul mate while working at Home Depot. Erika has a few years left in school and plans to move to Austin in the future.

"Haters only hate the things they cannot have and the people they cannot be."-author unknown

 Nicholas Eubanks, Vice President

Major: Music
Hometown: Kingwood

  • Why did you join this organization? I want to try and make a difference in the LGBT Community in Houston and hopefully help better those who don't have it as good as many here do. I also have an interest in city politics and am looking to aid progress in the City of Houston. One way I feel this can be done is by encouraging members, and people of the campus community to March.
  • What are your personal goals for the semester?To greatly improve my saxophone playing skills. I also would like to devote more time to practicing my instrument playing skills in general. I'm thinking of starting a small practice group, that way we could learn from one another.
  • What are your goals for the organization? To make a difference in the LGBT community through work, charity, and in breaking what I feel are common preconceptions surrounding the LGBT community. I'm thinking of hosting social events with our club so that people of the surrounding community have the opportunity to interact with us, and see that we aren't different, or any stranger than most folks.
  • What are your career interests? Perform or teach Music. I plan to become a performer by recording YouTube covers of songs I like, and to gain experience teaching Music, I'm considering giving free lessons to those who are interested.
  • What are your hobbies outside of school? I'm fascinated with building computers. Every request I receive and finish adds further to my abilities as a computer engineer.

Nicholas Eubanks is a Music major who also enjoys working on computers. He has always had a passion for Music, never has his passion been as large as it is now, however. He also started in the GSA as the secretary for 2013-2014 where he started a fundraising campaign to raise money for Hatch, a nonprofit organization to help children who have been kicked out of their homes for being LGBT. He has always felt strongly about standing up for those whom otherwise go unheard. He plans to continue this passion wherever he goes in life.

A Few Words for Interested Students

"The GSA isn't the "gay club" I mean, Straight is in the name! We are open for anyone to come and have some fun, express common interests, and to have a safe and open place to be whoever you are!"

Casey Meaux, Treasurer

Major: Web Design
Hometown: Humble, TX

  • Why did you join this organization? I was majorly involved in the GSA we had at my high school, Atascocita HS, and I wanted to continue to be a part of helping LGBT students feel included in an attempt to diminish the suicide rate among LGBT individuals. I also wanted to stop the seemingly perpetual hatred and fight against people who refuse to accept people who are not heterosexual and/or cisgender.
  • What are your personal goals for the semester? I feel that there is a lot of hate from the student body concerning GSA and look to using our club to show that we aren't what people may make us out to be.
  • What are your goals for the organization? I hope to give students who identify as LBGT the chance to publicly identify themselves, should they choose. Also, I want this organization to serve as a welcoming handshake to those who would otherwise not interact with someone who identifies themselves as LBGT.
  • What are your career interests? I'm interested in pursuing anything that is computer related. For example I would love to program for Facebook or Google. Or would even be happy working for Intel Designing micro-processors.
  • What are your hobbies outside of school?  I enjoy video games, computer games, Tumblr, Facebook, and shopping. I also enjoy writing video game and computer game reviews on my Tumblr.

Casey has always been an A/B Honor Roll student. He graduated from Atascocita High School in the top 5 percent of his class. He currently has a 4.0 GPA and plans to keep it that way. The Fall 2014 semester is Casey's 5th semester here at Lone Star College- Kingwood. He will have earned his Web Design Certificate after this semester and will complete his Associate of Applied Science Degree in Web Design in the Spring 2015 semester.

The GSA is always open to anyone who wants to join, whether you're LGBTQ or not. We have a lot of fun with our group at every event. Every member of GSA also gets to take part and march in the Houston Pride parade in June. We also offer an ear to anyone who needs to talk about anything, including but not limited to coming out, etc.” –Casey Meaux

Jae-Alise Monette, Secretary

Major: Business
Hometown: Humble, TX

  • Why did you join this organization? I believe in equal rights and I thought this club would actually help out the community and raise awareness. I love how much people can truly express themselves in this club.
  • What are your personal goals for the semester? I hope to achieve great grades in my classes. Also, I hope to still not miss any days at work due to my condition. Lastly, I want to get fit and get my health up.
  • What are your goals for the organization? I plan to help organize events and help the other officers achieve their potential. I also hope to do more for the cause and still manage to excel in my classes, all while still working. I know I can achieve things I set my mind to and hope to make the GSA known and help bring in more people and more awareness.
  • What are your career interests? I plan to open my own store.
  • What are your hobbies outside of school? I guess my job is one of my hobbies because I love my job. I work with horses, so it relaxes me. Also, my family rescues and fosters dogs (we're at our max) and I'm currently trying to domesticate the wild cats in my neighborhood so we can catch, spay/neuter, and find forever loving homes for them. Also, I absolutely LOVE fishing.

Jae-Alise is a hard working student who is going to major in Business so she can one day open her own store. Even with a condition that should drag her down she thrives to better life for herself and others. She is a great listener and is usually a go-to-person when her friends need to vent or to get advice. She can be the tough-love person.  It helps more to not sugarcoat so people can see what they can achieve better. She is strong-willed and can often be spontaneous.  However, if she has a set plan she likes to stick to it. She can be an open book, if you ever want to know more you can ask her directly and she will always answer honestly.

 “I believe the GSA is an amazing club to bring awareness. You can be who you truly are. The amount of understanding is off the charts- we do not judge. Together we raise money and further educate ourselves to help out organizations and people struggling with acceptance. We bring together gay, straight, transgender, lesbian, bisexual, everyone. We are all equal. LOVE HAS NO GENDER :)”–Jae-Alise Monette

Prince E. Winbush III, Parliamentarian

Major: Government
Hometown: Cardiff Wales, UK 

  • Why did you join this organization? To try and make a change in my area no matter how big or small. I have a little brother who is gay and i saw him struggle with his sexuality. Because of him I now have a better view on how hard it to be yourself in a society that tells you to be a certain way.
  • What are your personal goals for the semester? Make new friends and have at least a 3.5 GPA.
  • What are your goals for the organization? I want to reach out to others and encourage others to be themselves. I want to see people be comfortable with how they are in general.
  •  What are your career interests? Lawyer/Politician
  •  What are your hobbies outside of school? I am a really big fan of the Social Justice and Music. I am usually at a concert or volunteering with some local politician.

Prince was born in Cardiff Wales. He is one of 6 kids the 2nd youngest boy. He grew up between Chicago and Cardiff. He has aspirations of being speaker of the House of Commons. He wants to see a more open minded world.

Sarah Mau, Social Chair

Major: Theatre Education
Hometown: Splendora, Texas

  • Why did you join this organization?I joined the GSA because I believe strongly in the rights of ALL people to marry and to be treated with respect and dignity. No one should have to feel the torture of discrimination, and I understand the importance of my voice as a straight ally to this cause.
  • What are your personal goals for the semester? This semester, I hope to finish my Associate of Arts degree and successfully transfer to the University of Houston. I am involved in many projects and events with the GSA and also the Phi Theta Kappa, the school's honor society. I only hope that my efforts can make a difference.
  • What are your goals for the organization? I hope to help the GSA raise awareness to sensitive issues through my involvement in their events. Hopefully my help with their social events can increase membership and get relevant information to the public.
  •  What are your career interests? I hope to eventually become a Theatre professor.
  •  What are your hobbies outside of school? Outside school I am a wife, a mother, a reader, and a gamer. It's very difficult balancing school, home life, and video games -- don't let anyone tell you differently!

Sarah Mau is a dedicated student and a quirky (some might say eccentric), fun-loving individual. Her passion for theatre and for the issues dear to her heart is unmatched. In 2011 she lost her best friend to suicide. His name was Andrew and he was a gay man who had been disowned by his father. She was devastated by his loss and soon became an outspoken advocate for gay rights and equal treatment. She is a vary caring person who wants only for everyone to be kinder to each other.

A Few Words for Interested Students

"I would recommend involvement with the Gay-Straight Alliance at every opportunity, for the simple reason that it is always a good practice to align yourself with wonderful people and significant causes whenever you can. I have really enjoyed my involvement so far and it feels great to be a part of something bigger, that helps make a difference."