The following procedures are necessary in order to provide efficient service for both faculty and students through the Testing Center.  Your cooperation is appreciated. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Testing Center at 281.312.1476 or at

Types of Testing offered: Individual make-up tests, computerized tests, and tests for special needs students at the request of course instructors or academic advisors.

Types of Testing NOT offered: The Testing Center is not responsible for administering tests for entire classes in the instructor’s absence; the instructor should arrange for a substitute teacher. The Testing Center does not administer exam retakes.

Test Center Responsibilities:

  1. To administer make-up or missed exams for classroom courses, computerized exams, and exams for special needs students, including those who require extra time.
  2. To administer tests for Distance Learning courses at instructor’s request.
  3. To administer non-LSC (external proctoring) course exams; students pay fee to Testing Center. For details call 281-312-1476.
  4. The Testing Center administers, mails, and handles only tests taken on site. The Center will not accept any other materials from instructors or students (homework, projects, etc.).
  5. Proctors will complete an Incident Form to report cheating or other improprieties; instructors will receive a copy.
  6. Test Administrators cannot give any technical assistance to students taking tests on the computer.
  7. No tests will be administered one (1) hour prior to closing for paper tests and two (2) hours for computer tests. All tests will be collected and the doors closed at the posted closing time.

Instructor Responsibilities

  1. Complete the Instructor’s Test Request form provided by the Testing Center, or complete and submit the online form at the college website.  To prevent possible misunderstanding, please clearly state any and all testing guidelines/supplies along with the last date the test can be administered.
  2. List your NAME, COURSE NAME AND NUMBER, EXAM NUMBER at the top of each test so that test proctors can distinguish one test from another.
  3. Supply a test request form for each test given, listing individual students or supplying a current roster of students allowed to take the test.
  4. Provide sufficient copies of tests, as the Test Center cannot make copies of tests. If you submit a test request online and send the test as an attachment, we will print up to five copies for the individual students you have listed to test; if that number will not be sufficient, please deliver or send the tests to the Center.
  5. State the modifications to be made for special needs students next to that student’s name on the Instructor’s Test Request form.  The Test Center cannot make modifications unless indicated by the instructor.
  6. Make arrangements prior to testing when a special needs student requires one-on-one proctoring, a reader/scribe, and/or assistive technology.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Provide a valid photo ID (Texas Driver’s License, passport, or student ID with picture).  If the student does not have an ID (i.e. lost or stolen), only the testing instructor can verify his/her identity.
  2. Know the instructor’s name, the course name and number, and the test title or number.
  3. Furnish own Scantrons and other supplies, as needed.
  4. Lock all belongings (including purses and cells phones) in Testing Center lockers while taking tests.
  5. Allow enough to time to complete testing before the Testing Center closes.