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Classes Cancelled

All classes are cancelled beginning at 3:00 pm today. Normal schedule will resume on Saturday.  

Name - Mohamed Samy
Birthplace – Cairo, Egypt
Education - Bachelor of Science from Al-Azhar University, Cairo
Languages – Arabic, English, and Spanish
Hobbies - Sports; Networking; Traveling
Music – Salsa,  Rock, Trance music, and Pop
How will the CCID experience help you? - I will learn more about multicultural society, enhance my business experience, and add value to the community.


Name - Muhammad Athar Jan Kamran
Birthplace - Dera Ismail Khan (North-West Frontier Province) – Pakistan
Education - M.B.A.
Languages – Urdu, English, Saraiki, Hazasaywali, and Punjabi
Hobbies - Stamp Collecting, Listening to Music, Gardening, and Travelling
Music - any soft music
How will the CCID experience help you? - This endeavor will not only enable me to serve my country in more progressive and productive ways, but will also provide the means to learn about  a diversity of cultures and state- of- the -art technology.    

Name - Rania Naguib Zalsi Shehata
Birthplace - El Minia, Egypt
Education - Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hotels Management
Languages - Arabic and English
Hobbies - Reading history books
Music - Old Egyptian music
How will the CCID experience help you? - It gives me the chance to improve my skills, get to know about other cultures and countries, and also improve my English.

Name - Songezo Tyali
Birthplace - East London , South Africa
Education - My educational background is in Business Management. I am currently majoring in Business Logistics.
Languages -  IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Afrikaans, and English
Hobbies - Singing, Playing the keyboard, Cooking, and Acting
Music - My favorite is gospel music, select jazz, and rhythm & blues.
How will the CCID experience help you? - It will help me in so many ways. It is a perfect enrichment and supplement to the knowledge I already have in business management.  Prior  to my coming here , I developed  a non government organization [NGO]. Its mission is aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of the youth around my community.  This organization requires me to be very knowledgeable, educated and well-prepared psychologically so I can be a useful tool to help the young people in the organization.  This CCID experience is the right map to lead me on that road.

Name - Syed Khadri
Birthplace -  Chennai, India
Education - High School, Computer and networking courses
Languages -  English, Urdu, Tamil, and Hindi
Hobbies -  Cricket and Racing bikes and cars
How will the CCID experience help you? - The CCID experience helps us enhance our skills and learn or experience American culture. Also, it helps us improve our leadership qualities and knowledge.

Name - Umair Masood Qududdi
Birthplace – Karachi, Pakistan
Education - Bachelor’s degree  in Computer Science
Languages – Urdu and English
Hobbies - Public Speaking,  Music, and Table Tennis
Music -  Rock,  Pop, and Trance
How will the CCID experience help you? - It will help me improve my focus and vision and broaden my horizons. I will learn many things on both a professional and personal level which will lead to my being able to make a difference in my community.

Name - Ziningi Malinga
Birthplace -  Durban, South Africa
Education - National Diploma in Human Resources  Management
Languages -  IsiZulu, IsiXhosa, Afrikaans, and English
Hobbies - Drama and the Arts, Jogging, and Facilitating HIV-related discussions
Music - Gospel, R & B, and House Music
How will the CCID experience help you? - In the past I have had the opportunity to lead projects in a non-government organization (NGO). Now my CCID experience will enhance my global approach to business and expand networking opportunities.  I will also learn more about other people’s cultures.