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33rd Annual CCID Conference

"Global Sustainability Through International Cooperation"
February 28 - March 3, 2009

The Rosen Centre Hotel
Orlando, Florida
Sponsors for the 33rd Annual Conference:

Council on International Educational Exchange
Florida Architects, Inc.
Insurance for Students, Inc.
NSF ATE Centers
Rust International Associates
World Education Services, Inc.
33rd Annual Conference Presentations 
 J. Halder - Everything You Need to Know About CCID 
CCI Project Coordinator Meeting
C. Brown, S. Woodin - "CCI Programs Update"
K. Grad - "Community College Initiatives"
International Membership Forum
B. Berg, S. Fujino - 1, 2, 3, 4
Report to CCID Board
International Student Recruitment
J. Irwin - 1, 2
N. Johnson
V. Tafawa
Egyptian Educators
Hesham Elsayed Mohamed Samaha, Daytona State College
Taha Ahmed Hussein Ahmed, Kirkwood CC
Adel Afify Mostafa Lilah, Highline CC
Mohamed Elbagoury, Highline CC
Abdelrazek Selim, Parkland College
Block 1
U.Leibrecht, K. Barcikowski - "Strengthening Study Abroad at Community Colleges"
S. Hallock - "Institutional Collaboration for Travel/Study Success"
M. Latza - "On the Ground in Xi'an, China"
E. Bonahue - "Grantsmanship 101: Internationalizing the Curriculum with Grant Resources"
Block 2
K. Smith, S. Rosenberg - ""You Will Never Believe This!" Student Perspectives on Cross Cultural Experience"
R. Raby, E. Valeau, D. Dellow, D. Oliver, M. Li, G. Cijntje - "Community Colleges Around the World Educating for a Global Economy"
M. Sorknaes - "Faculty Exchanges and Quality in the Classroom"
A. Smith - "Why a Global Curriculum Should Be Adopted"
Block 3
I. Petrovska, S. Miladinoski - "Teaching Intercultural Communication in the Global Language Classroom"
C. Hertz - "RMIT University Australia: A Consortium Spanning 5 Countries"
Block 4
T. Iwahara - "Jikei's Challenge for Recruiting International Students"
J. Velasco, I. Mansourian - "Best Practices in Developing Faculty Curriculum Development Opportunities: Global Engagement in the Muslim World"
T. Woodard, S. Denney, E. Trnka, A. Rudd - "The Study Abroad Experience"
Block 5
B. Judd, F. Tunchon - "The Community Enterprise Project, A Strategic Response to Industry/Government Indigenous Employment Policies and Strategies"
C. Schaff-Stump, T. Iwahara - "English Education at a Japanese Senmongakko"
C. Brumwell, A. Sheikh - "The Role of Mentor Families in the International Student Experience"
M. Jung Lassen - "Offer Your Students European Learning Opportunities"
Block 6
W. Huiyuan, H. Xun - "Cooperation Between Colleges and Enterprises: Integration of Work and Study"
J. Meyers - "Foreign Credential Evaluation: In-House or Outsource?"
K. Docking - "Developing Priority Destinations and Program Diversification"
M. Gonzalez - "The Emerging Community College in Argentina"
K. Schuster, L. Korbel - "In Search of Ghandi's India: Development and Impact on Oakton CC's Fulbright Hayes Group Projects Abroad Grant"
Block 7
K. Thirolf, J. Thirolf - "Higher Education in Vietnam: Potential for Institutional Partnerships"
A. Bourassa - "China: A Professional Development Experience for Technical College Faculty and Staff"
N. Biggs, J. Remington - "Global Curriculum Model United Nations and the Millennium Development Goals" - 1, 2, 3
C. Wanek - "Mini-Exchanges: Cost Effective Ways for Student International Interaction"
For more information on the 33rd Annual CCID conference, please refer to their website at http://ccid.cc/programs/annual_conference/2009/lookback%20on%2009.htm