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Shipping Chemicals by Air or Ground

Shipping Chemicals
Shipping chemicals by ground or air requires special training. Any time a dangerous goods form is required for a shipment, a certified individual must complete all the paperwork, labeling and packaging of the material. Without proper training, it is illegal to ship dangerous goods.

Shipping by Air
Coordinating Agency: International Air Transport Association (IATA)
The shipment of dangerous goods by air requires a current IATA certification.

Shipping by Ground
Coordinating Agency: Department of Transportation (DOT)
The shipment of dangerous goods by ground requires DOT certification.

All dangerous goods require special packaging for shipment. It is important to use the appropriate packaging required by the shipping company. The shipper is responsible for purchasing any materials required for the shipment.

Export Controls
The shipment of a controlled physical item from the United States to a foreign country, such as a biological material, may require an export license. Be sure to secure license approval or verify license exception prior to shipment for all controlled items. Contact the LSCS Facilities Department for guidance on verifying license exceptions and submission of license applications.

Contact the LSCS Facilities Department for more information.