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Labeling Hazardous Waste


  • The containers must be marked with the words "Hazardous Waste."
  • Mark through the old label or remove it to ensure there is no confusion about the container contents
  • Each container must be labeled with the full name of the chemical components with a percentage equaling 100%.
  • Do not use abbreviations or chemical notation.
  • List a “filled date” on the container once it is filled
  • List the expiration date of the product.

Important Note:Any accumulation of hazardous waste at a satellite area in excess of 55 gallons, or one quart of any acutely hazardous waste (P listed) must be marked with the date the excess amount began accumulating and must be moved to a hazardous waste storage facility outside of the lab within three days. While at the storage facility a weekly inspection log must be kept and you have 180 days from the date it was moved to the storage facility to ship the waste off campus.

Contact the LSCS Facilities Department for more information.