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Storage of Hazardous Chemical Waste

Storage requirements for hazardous chemical waste in laboratories and work areas are specified under state regulations. Hazardous chemical waste accumulating in laboratories is subject to the following requirements:

  • Containers containing hazardous chemical waste must be labeled with a LSCS Hazardous Waste Tag at all times.
  • Waste must be collected and stored at or near the point of generation (same or adjacent room) and under the control of the laboratory where it was generated.
  • According to State law, the maximum amount of waste that can be stored in a lab is 55 gallons of a hazardous waste or one quart of extremely hazardous waste. If you reach these volumes of a specific waste stream, you must dispose of the waste to campus Facilities Department within three (3) days of reaching that volume.
  • All hazardous waste containers in the laboratory must be kept closed during storage except when waste is being added.
  • Hazardous chemical wastes must be compatible with the containers that they are stored in.
  • Containers that hold hazardous chemical waste must be stored in secondary containment at all times.
  • Containers must be in good condition with screw tops or sealed lids.
  • Incompatible waste must be segregated.