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Rules for Working with Electrical Equipment

Precautionary Procedures:

  • Upon indication of any unusual performance of the electrical equipment or the experimental circuit, turn off all power and unplug power supply.
    • "If it smells, pull the plug."
  • Avoid contact of wet materials with circuit.
    • Do not work with wet hands or clothes.
  • When checking an operating circuit, keep one hand in your pocket or behind your back.
    • Remove all jewelry.
  • Maintain a work space clear of extraneous material such as books, papers and clothes for at least one foot beyond the area of the operating circuit.
  • Never change wiring with the circuit plugged into a power supply.
  • Never plug leads into power source unless they are connected to an established circuit.
  • A special rule for wet cells: they should be placed on a piece of non-conducting material.
  • Check circuits for proper grounding with respect to the power.

These simple actions will reduce the risk, if you receive a shock, of electrical current passing through the heart.

Emergency Procedures:

  • Turn off power source and unplug.
  • Use foam extinguisher or sand to put fire out. Never use water.
  • When fire is extinguished, check circuit to determine cause.
  • Do not turn on circuit until cause of fire has been established and the fault corrected.
  • Notify X5911 immediately to report and obtain additional assistance.

Shock or Explosion:

  • Turn off power source and unplug
  • Apply artificial resuscitation, if necessary.
  • Have someone call X9-911 or 9-1-1, then X5911 or (281) 290-5911 to request immediate medical assistance.
  • Stay with the victim until relief arrives.
Report the accident to Office of Risk Management.