Adjunct Office Space In addition to the great adjunct suite and conference room in CLA-113, on the other side of campus the Learning Center has a private space that adjunct instructors can reserve! The Learning Center offers works hand-in-hand with the faculty on and off campus. We center our services on the students, and that means that we need your help! Below is a condensed list of the services that we provide for you to help our students!

If at any time you have a suggestion or a question, call the Learning Center at 281-312-1662!

Exam Jam

Hold a dedicated review session with your students before final exams! Exam Jam combines learning with fun by making an event out of studying for finals!

Media Consulting

Instructors, we will come to you!  Interested in scheduling a tour or having a representative come by your classroom?  Please contact us at  281-312-1439Faculty and staff can make a "media consulting" appointment with the Computer Lab to get assistance with technology, PowerPoint slides, recording videos and image manipulation.

Smarthinking Online Tutoring

If you are teaching an online course, you have the option in VTAC to add Smarthinking Online Tutoring to your course for your students. Smarthinking is a "provider of research based, research proven online tutoring to help institutions of higher education increase student achievement, boost retention, and enhance learning."

STAR (Early Intervention) Program

Seminars for the Entire Class! Notice that your students need some tools to master college success? The Learning Center can send a representative to your classroom to present a success seminar!The Success Training and Referral (STAR) Program is a program designed to assist students in mastering skills that will provide them with long-term academic success. It functions similarly to tutoring in that students make 30 minute appointments. Unlike tutoring, however, in a STAR appointment students do not focus on a specific content area. Instead, they will focus on skills that will help them throughout their academic careers. STAR appointments will target areas such as time management, test taking tips, study strategies, and more

Study Groups

Encourage your students to find a few individuals in class with whom they can study, and the Learning Center will provide them with…

  • A group study room
  • A seminar on effective study groups
  • A mentor tutor
  • Learning Center resources (books, DVDs, interactive computer programs, etc.)
  • Study Groups


Supplemental Instruction

Online  Success Seminars Instructors, would you like for your students to view a Success Seminar online and complete a worksheet for credit? We have developed some online modules with corresponding worksheets to make your life easier!The SI Program employs students who have successfully completed the a course at LSC - Kingwood as SI leaders. In close partnership with the professor, SI leaders plan and facilitate activities that not only reinforce the content, but introduce and exercise study skills, critical thinking, and problem solving methods that form a foundation for student success.

If you would like to nominate a successful student in your class to the SI program, or if you would like to have an SI in your classroom next semester, please contact the SI Coordinator, Charlotte Iserhardt.


Information for Your Classroom

We would love for you to provide the following promotional information to your students or post the flyers in your classroom. Pick and choose as the content meets your classroom needs!



Misc. Teaching Resources

All Subjects


  • Khan Academy - tutorial videos for math students of all levels
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