As a music major, it is expected that you will be exposed to a wide variety of music literature, repertoire, styles, and genres. 

You will be required to attend 5 concerts, recitals, and special performances over the course of each of your semesters of study.  These must be concerts in which you are NOT a performer. 

At the start of each concert/recital, you will pick up a Recital Attendance Card from the attendant at the front of the Hall.  After the recital is complete, you will turn the card in to the attendant for credit. 

NOTE: Recital attendance cards will not be given to students who arrive late.

Upon completion of the requirement each semester, your transcript will be updated to show that your Recital Attendance requirement has been met.

Concert Literature Reports written for Music Literature I and II will count toward your 5 concerts per semester.  To receive credit, bring your graded concert report to the Staff Assistant in the Faculty Office Suite as proof of your attendance.