When music students need to perform for juries, performance classes, and student recitals, pianist are available to provide accompaniment.  Contact information for our accompanists is posted on the bulletin board outside of Room H117. Rehearsals with the accompanists will be held variously in H106, H103, and H119. Check the sign-up sheet for details.

Here are some general guidelines for using a pianist:

Providing music:

1. Make a clean, one-sided photocopy of each piece, hole-punched on the left
2. Photocopies should have the entire piano part clearly visible – no run-offs
3. Write your name and contact information on the first page of each piece
4. Give the music to the pianist prior to the first rehearsal
5. NOTE: Ms. Niederer and Ms. Ryan have MAILBOXES in Room H101A, which may be used to drop off music.
6. You many NOT use the copier in H101 to make copies. Please use the library copiers in building F.

Working with the pianist:

1. The week before a performance, schedule a time to rehearse with the pianist on campus. Start earlier if multiple rehearsals are necessary.
2. Be familiar with the notes and lyrics ahead of time. The pianist is not there to teach you the piece. She will use the time with you to coach you on ensemble, pronunciation, stage presence, etc.
3. Warm up on your own, before the rehearsal.
4. Communicate!  If you are running late, or a conflict arises, contact the pianist immediately to keep them informed.

NOTE: Accompanists are only to be used by students enrolled in MUAP Private Lessons.