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Executive Summary

American colleges strive to improve student success, retention, achievement and satisfaction for its students and often use technology as the vehicle. While some colleges report improvements, studies nonetheless show students are less engaged and less successful than ever before.

For this reason, Lone Star College System and other partners created the National Lone Star Report on Aligning Technology with Student Success. One of the most comprehensive national studies of its kind, the National Lone Star Report combines the direct input of 1,500,000 community college students across the U.S. with data from other national studies to better understand how technology affects academic success.

As a Chief Information Officer, I am committed to the success of my students through the appropriate integration of technology in the teaching and learning environment. I believe one vital way to achieve this goal involves reaching out and listening to students directly. The National Lone Star Report on Aligning Technology with Student Success allows college administrators to hear the collective voice of American students and provides invaluable data on studentsí needs, desires and dreams and how technology can help them achieve these goals. I find this information extremely useful in my own decision-making and hope you will too.


Shah Ardalan

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