LSCS policy mandates the encryption of all employee laptops.

Lone Star College's Office of Technology Services (OTS) ensures that all LSCS-owned laptops are encrypted to protect data.


  • Encryption protects sensitive data and ensures its confidentiality and integrity.
  • Encryption software ensures that LSCS employees are in compliance with all laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of stored and transmitted data.
  • Meets government directives and regulations.


  • Pre-boot password authentication ensures only authorized individuals have access to data
  • Easy central deployment, administration, and management features
  • Supports multiple users and administrators on individual machines

What to Expect?

  • Cost is included with the purchase of all laptops that are assigned to LSCS employees.
  • All LSCS employee laptops are required to be encrypted.

Customer Responsibilities

Inform the OTS Service Desk if laptop needs encryption, or if it has been lost or stolen.

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