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Lone Star College's Office of Technology Services (OTS) centrally manages all enterprise-wide software licenses, and campuses manage location-specific licenses.


  • OTS maintains the number of purchased licenses and the number of installations for each campus and department. 
  • Ensures that there is a license for each software installation occurrence and that license agreements are followed. 
  • Purchase software licenses at a reduced cost for volume pricing. 
  • Service Desk provides support for the software.
  • Accurate list of supported software and renewal agreements


  • Central repository for maintaining software licenses.
  • OTS regularly reviews software licensing for use and renewal. 

What to Expect?

  • OTS reviews and renews licenses for software that is currently in production upon expiration based on administrative or instructional need. 
  • OTS reviews and tests new software to ensure that it is compatible in the current environment. 

Customer Responsibilities

  • Obtain OTS pre-approval for all software purchases
  • Contact OTS for assistance with new software purchases.
  • Contact OTS on all renewal requests from a vendor. 
  • Department must fund NEW software for the first year and OTS will maintain the software.