Study room imageThe Student Learning Resource Center has 4 small group study rooms available for students. These rooms were previously available on a first-come, first-serve basis, but starting on July 20, 2015, these rooms will instead be available on a reservation basis.

Request A Reservation

Click here to reserve a study room!

You will need to confirm your reservation through the confirmation email within 2 hours to keep your reservation. This email will also give you the option to cancel your reservation if you change your mind.


Room Usage Guidelines

  • Rooms are intended for group study (2 or more Lone Star College students).
  • Furniture should not be moved into or out of the study rooms.
  • Unfortunately, these rooms are not soundproof. You don't have to be silent, but please be conscious of your group's volume, especially when others are studying in an adjacent room.
  • All rules that apply to the rest of the SLRC apply within the study rooms, including:
    • Snacks and covered drinks are welcome, but please eat your meals in the cafeteria or at Minuti cafe on the second floor.
    • Smoking, vaping, and alcohol consumption are not allowed at any time.