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Audio/Visual Services

Description of Service

Lone Star College's Office of Technology Services (OTS) offers audio/visual services that include professional audio/visual presentation support, computer display, sound reinforcement, and audio recording services.


  • Promotes student engagement
  • Enhanced classroom experience
  • Professionally trained A/V technicians
  • State of the Art A/V equipment


  • Video and audio recording and editing
  • Video projection and computer display
  • Sound reinforcement
  • Audio recording services
  • Audio/visual equipment setup and operation
  • Video Teleconferencing
  • Live events

What to Expect?

  • Please request special A/V services 3 business days in advance.
  • Services are based on equipment and personnel availability.

Customer Responsibilities

Report lost or damaged equipment immediately to the Service Desk.

How to get support or make a request

Call 832.813.6600 or 1.866.614.5014




How to get support or make a request

or 1-866-614-5014

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