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Employee Intranet

Description of Service

Lone Star College's Office of Technology (OTS) manages the LSCS employee intranet, a SharePoint site that enables groups to share and publish information online.

Faculty and staff can work on documents, spreadsheets, schedules, task lists, and meeting notes collectively. Instead of keeping individual copies, everyone involved with a project can have easy access to the most recent and up-to-date versions of all materials.


  • Manages centrally-maintained documents and information to reduce the risk of duplicated work and lapses in communication.
  • Increases productivity by using a simple, familiar, and consistent interface.
  • Allows for organization by propviding tools for categorizing information and documents.


  • Access control Determine who can view or edit information.
  • Revision history Track revision history and revert to previous versions as needed.
  • Search/find Search all documents in a project; quickly and easily locate needd information.
  • Notifications Allows users to subscribe to automatic notifications and alerts.

What to Expect?

Service is available 24 x 7 x 365, with the exception of upgrades, maintenance. Service and servers are monitored for interruptions.

Customer Responsibilities

A Lone Star College network account is required.

How to get support or make a request

Call the Service Desk - 832-813-6600 or 1-866-614-5014
E-mail the Service Desk

How to get support or make a request

or 1-866-614-5014

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