College Readiness and P-16 Initiatives

The office of College Readiness and P-16 Initiatives is working to increase the participation and success of all Texans in college. With our public school, higher education, and community partners, we are focused on reaching out to families in the Lone Star College service area about the importance of going to college and what it takes to be successful in college and beyond.

College Connections

Our College Connections program lets high school students experience all the resources and opportunities of the Lone Star College System. We believe that bringing these unique partnerships to local schools and families is an important step toward student success.

Lone Star offers a variety of opportunities to help high school students meet their academic goals – from earning college credit while still in high school to working with first-rate tutors
in our learning centers to getting assistance with college and financial aid applications.

Our programs connect students to their college education.

College Readiness Initiatives

Lone Star College System is actively working with local school districts to implement the Texas College Readiness Initiatives. The Texas College and Career Readiness Initiative is a three-year project designed to improve alignment of curriculum between Texas high schools and colleges to increase college success and completion. The project is sponsored by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

In 2008, the Coordinating Board and Commissioner of Education adopted the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS). The CCRS were created by statewide vertical teams of public education and higher education faculty with expertise in the four foundation areas of the public school curriculum: English/language arts, the social sciences, mathematics, and science. In addition to the four content areas, the teams developed cross-disciplinary standards that underlie and connect the four content areas.

Contact Information

Jamie Posey
Associate Vice Chancellor, Office of Completion