About Honors Courses

Honors Courses at LSC-CyFair offer an enhanced college experience for students who have a high ability to do scholarly work. Honors students enjoy classes conducted as seminars centered around open discussions, collaborative learning and active participation. Honors Facultyhave been specifically selected because of their dedication to the principles of Honors education, including developing a mentor relationship with each student in his/her class.

Honors credit is earned through Honors courses or contracts with faculty members who are committed to an open-ended approach to learning. Students have many opportunities to contribute extensively and creatively through small group interaction, seminars, laboratories, oral reports, special research topics, informed discussion and both individual and group projects.

Courses Offered

Spring2016 Honors Courses

ARTSH 1304.5001 (9621)Honors Art History Renaissance to Modern
TTH3:00-4:20 PM
Professor Matthew SBacker

BIOLH 1407.5001 (7058) Honors Biology II for Science Majors
MWF 9:10-10:05 AM
BIOLH 1407.5002 (7061) Honors Biology II for Science Majors - Lab Component
MWF 10:15-11:10 AM
Professor Shaunte Hulett

DRAMH 2366.5001 (12169) Honors Film Appreciation
MW 2:30-3:50 PM
Professor Jeffrey M. Wax

ENGLH 1302.5001 (8580)Honors Comp & Rhetoric II
MWF10:45-11:40 AM
Professor Kasey Baker

ENVRH 1402.5001 (9147) Honors Environmental Science II
*Hybrid Course: Lecture is Online
ENVRH 1401.5002 (9157) Honors Environmental Science II - Lab Component
M 12:00-2:00 PM
Professor Aurora Conway

GOVTH 2305.5001 (6590)Honors Federal Government
MW1:30-2:50 PM
Professor Geoffrey Rogal

GOVTH 2306.5001 (6664)Honors Texas Government
MW1:30-2:50 PM
Professor John Duerk

HISTH 1301.5001 (8444) Honors US History to 1877
TTH 1:30-2:50 PM
Professor Robert W. Holmes

HISTH 1302.5001 (8453) Honors US History Since 1877
MW1:30-2:50 PM
Professor Blake A. Ellis

HUMAH 1302.5001 (14598)HonorsHUMA II: Renaissance to Present
TTH9:00-10:20 AM
Professor Cambria Stamper

MUSIH 1306.5001 (11048) Honors Appreciating Music
TTH 3:00-4:20 PM
Professor Aaron Alon

SOCIH 1301.5001 (14860) Honors Prin of Sociology
TTH9:00-10:20 AM
Professor Ron Homann

SPCHH 1315.5001 (5971) Honors Public Speaking
TTH 10:00-11:20 AM
Professor Melanie Steel

TTH 10:00-11:20 AM

About Honors Contracts

Honors studentswhoare not able to enroll in Honors Coursesas a result of schedule conflictshave the option to enter into an Independent Research Honors Contract with an approved instructor in an approved course. After submitting an Honors College Application and enrolling in regularly scheduled classes, the Honors student should review the list of Honors Faculty Mentors that is available in the Honors College Office (CENT 113). Prior to making an appointment with a professor in the discipline under consideration for a project, the student should conduct preliminary research in an effort to identify a potential researchquestion. The student should contact one of the certified Honors Faculty Mentors in the discipline and request an appointment to discussthe research project. The faculty mentor will provide guidance through the Honors Research Proposal development process. It is the responsibility of the studentto completetheHonors Project Proposal Formand obtain the signature of theHonors Faculty Mentor prior tosubmitting it as a part of the online Honors Contract. After theproposal is submitted and approved, the studentwillworkclosely with thefaculty mentor throughout the semester to complete the Honors by Contract Independent Research Project. In order to earn honors creditfor thecourse, the student will presenthis/her research project at the Honors Day Conference which takes place on the final class dayof the Fall and Spring semesters annually.

Honors Contract Requirements:

  • Thefaculty mentorwill complete Honors Faculty Mentor training prior to working with an honors student on an independentresearch project.
  • The student and faculty memberwill meeta minimum of6 timesthroughout the course ofthe semester.
  • The studentshould attend Honors College Workshops scheduled throughout the semester to provide support and feedback for research and presentation. Workshops offered each semester include: Honors Writing Workshop #1: The Proposal, Honors Research Workshop, Honors Writing Workshop #2: The Abstract, Honors Presentation Workshop)
  • The studentwill presenthis/her research in a forum prior to the Honors Day Conference.
  • The faculty mentor will complete an Honors Presentation Rehearsal Form and submit it to the Honors College Office prior to the Honors Day Conference.
  • The student will submit an Honors Project Research Abstract to the Honors College Office by the deadline established on the semester calendar.
  • The student willpresent a well-designed research projectat the Honors Day Conference.
  • The faculty mentor will submit the Honors Contract Completion Form and Student Contact Log to the Honors College Officeno later than Wednesday of Final Exam week.
  • The student must maintain at least a B average in the course in order to receive Honors By Contract credit.

Useful Resources:

Email CyFairHonors@Lonestar.edu for enrollment approval. You must be an Honors College member to enroll in Honors Courses and complete Honors Contracts.