Honors College Application

All students wishing to enroll in the Honors College who meet the admission requirements should complete the following:

Incoming Freshmen wishing to apply to be an Honors College Fellow IN ADDITION TO THE HONORS COLLEGE should complete the following:

Honors Contract Forms

Honors students who plan to complete an Honors Contract MUST complete these forms:

It is recommended to review the Honors Contract Student Checklist as a guide.

For further guidance on Honors Contract Proposals please review the Honors Proposal Rubric.

To complete an Honors Contract students must present at our Honors Day Conference, hosted on the last day of class each semester. The Honors Day Review and Honors Day Judging Form (to be completed by a faculty member) are here to assist you.

Honors College End of Semester Evaluation Form

General Honors Scholarship

Students who are enrolled and in good standing with The Honors College may apply for Honors Scholarships using the Honors Scholarship Form.

Honors Graduate

Honors students who are eligible to graduate with Honors should submit the following document (Fall Deadline: October 1st; Spring Deadline: February 1st