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The mission of the Office of Academic Success Peer Mentors at LSC-North Harris is to provide support for FTIC students in learning and to significantly improve students’ academic and intellectual achievements through the use of peer mentoring and tutoring. To accomplish this, several objectives have been set and their achievement monitored:

  • Provide skilled, trained peer mentors and tutors for one-on-one, group and peer- study group tutoring;
  • Assist peer mentors and tutors in facilitation of student learning;
  • Motivate, assist and guide FTIC students in becoming independent learners;
  • Provide FTIC students with written and verbal feedback;
  • Refer FTIC students to a variety of support materials and resources;
  • Build FTIC students’ confidence and self-esteem and lower anxiety;
  • Maintain a learner-friendly environment;
  • Connect FTIC students to academic and student support resources;
  • Establish a rapport with their mentees to promote student success;
  • Facilitate study and time management for mentees;
  • Motivate mentees to research their degree seeking options at LSC-North Harris or at a four-year institution;
  • Facilitate the transition among mentees and to serve as connectors to faculty and staff.