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Green Information Technology


Lone Star College's Office of Technology Services (OTS)  offers consulting services to help faculty and staff “go green” by reducing power requirements when planning new systems or computing lab installations. Solutions include the use of ENERGY STAR rated equipment, desktop advanced power management, deployment of thin clients, server consolidation and virtualization. OTS also recycles old LSCS equipment through asset recovery.


Reducing Lone Star College’s carbon footprint saves energy, money, and the planet. Customers may be able to take advantage of centrally managed thin client and virtualization technologies to improve service and save time, money and effort, as well as energy.


  • Energy-use assessment
  • Cost and ROI analysis
  • Innovative collaboration for better system design
  • Employment of the latest technology

What to Expect?

  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Reduction in carbon cfootprint
  • Reduction in land fill waste

Customer Responsibilities

Departments should use this service to comply with strategic objectives.