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Study Abroad 2011-2012

2011-2012 Study Abroad: May Mini-Semester

Costa Rica

BIOL 1407: Biology II
KINE 1172: Backcountry Expeditioning I


Join us on an adventure of a lifetime as we explore the biodiversity of Costa Rican jungles, cloud forests and mangrove swamps. This study abroad program will focus on developing specialized, extended travel techniques in an international destination while conducting a detailed survey of the major clades of life. Additionally, we will be examining ecological roles and relationships of organisms integrated throughout our expedition. More about this program

For more information contact Clay.J.White@LoneStar.edu (281.290.5925) or Ronald.A.Nespeca@LoneStar.edu or 281-290-3289.


Italy-Program Full      

ARTS 1301: Art Appreciation


Why stay cooped up in a classroom when you can experience the great masters of art in Italy? Our Art Appreciation course will walk you through history and down the cobblestoned cities of Rome, Assisi, Orvieto, Siena and Florence. Fulfilling your Humanities credit can be enriching and entertaining. Discovery is just an email away. For more information, contact Kelley.N.Revuelto@lonestar.edu or Cory.R.Cryer@lonestar.edu

Course dates: May 14 – 18, 2012; Trip dates: May 19 – May 31, 2012.

Sri Lanka-Program Cancelled

ACCT 2401: Principles of Accounting I


Travel to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. See the elephants. Visit the beach. Learn about accounting on a Sri Lankan college campus. Space is limited. Sign up now! More about this program

For more information contact Shawn.T.Miller@LoneStar.edu or 281-290-5206.

2011-2012 Study Abroad:  Summer

Costa Rica-Program Cancelled

PSYC 2301: General Psychology

LSC-North Harris

As the Study Abroad portion of General Psychology, the class will travel to Costa Rica to study the geographical and cultural context of human behavior.  Enjoy the natural wonders of this Central American country with unique visits to indigenous communities, San Jose, Poás, Barva and Arenal volcanoes, Tortuguero, La Fortuna, and Guanacaste. The program will focus on the land and how it has affected developmental, cognitive, and psychosocial  aspects of its inhabitants, ancestors, and immigrants. More about this program

For more information contact Janice.Hartgrove-Freile@LoneStar.edu

Italy-Program Full      

HIST 2311: Western Civilization to 1648
GEOG 1303: World Geography            


In cooperation with the Vesuvian International Institute of the Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation (http://stabiae.org/), Lone Star College-CyFair offers a residential summer study program in Italy. During the Summer 2012 program, students will have the opportunity to complete coursework in World Geography and the History of Western Civilizations. More about this program

For more information contact Robert.A.Coyle@LoneStar.edu or Buck.J.Buchanan@LoneStar.edu.

South Korea-Program Cancelled

MATH 1350: Foundations of Math I
MATH 1351: Foundations of Math II 


Explore the world-renowned Math Education of South Korea Prospective elementary teachers will cap their LSC-CyFair math classwork by visiting Jeonju National University of Education and exemplary elementary schools in Jeonju, South Korea. More about this program

For more information contact Chinyoung.Bergbauer@LoneStar.edu or Heather.A.Gamber@lonestar.edu

2011-2012 Study Abroad News

Service Learning- Nursing in Nicaragua, LSC-Kingwood

Nine Nursing students and a prospective student from LSC-Kingwood participated in a nine-day healthcare service learning program in under-served regions of Nicaragua. The program, which was facilitated by an independent NGO and included instruction by Nursing Professor, Diane Langton, provided participants with first-hand experience with healthcare in a developing country. Students completed volunteer clinical work in  the villages of El Tulle, Nuestra Tierra, Primavera, Rivas, and Sabadell where they were able to develop basic medical Spanish, increase their understanding of healthcare needs in a tropical environment and developing country, contrast the Nicaraguan experience with the U.S. healthcare, and gain experience setting up community clinics with limited resources and for a variety of needs. The clinicals not only enriched their learning, but also created an opportunity to share valuable medical knowledge with the local population to improve their daily lives; students taught their patients about hygiene, dental care, and prevention and treatment of the area’s common health issues. In addition to serving patients for a minimum of 12 hours a day, program participants also engaged in entertaining, assisting with feeding, and distributing gifts at a local feeding center.