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Professional Development Steering Committee

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The Professional Development Steering Committee will next meet in the Fall. Check back for dates and times.
PDSC Contacts
Dr. Lisa Morales
Assistant Dean of Instruction

Instructional Technologist


How can we shape the culture of Lone Star College-Tomball? What is your vision for scholarship, services, and the academic environment? How can we develop the Lone Star College-Tomball that you envision?

The Professional Development Steering Committee works to answer these questions and more.

Meet the 2012-2013 PDSC:

  • John Vancamp, Professor - Nursing
  • Catherine Wampler, Director - Nursing
  • Renato Davia, Professor - Eonomics
  • Carlos Aguilar, Professor - CIT
  • Irene Briggs, ROaDI
  • Kristi Bonnin, Human Resources
  • Vivian Rodgers, ELC
  • Van Piercy, Professor - English
  • VC Patel, Professor - Math
  • Kayla Marshall, Student Success
  • Claudia Davis, Chair - Math
  • Michael Weems, President's Office
  • Patty Zachary, Professor - Math
  • Pam Schafer, Director - Library
  • Kristin Vandenbelt, Professor -Government
  • Shannon Marino, Manager - Student Life
  • Robbie Rogers, ELC
  • Marcus Joubert, HUMD

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