The Center for Organizational and Teaching Excellence announces a new opportunity for research and scholarship at LSC-Tomball - the Faculty-Staff Research Council. Members of the Faculty-Staff Research Council will:

  • Explore the latest research related to the college, community, and higher education trends
  • Share inter-disciplinary scholarship and perspectives
  • Analyze conclusions made from data
  • Contribute to a new publication featuring LSC-Tomball scholarship and analysis
  • Influence the direction of the college

Meet the Faculty Staff Research Council:

  • Dr. Lisa Morales
  • Jennifer Richardson, College Relations
  • Duy Nguyen, DOM - DSELM
  • Kim Carter - English 
  • Irene Briggs, ROaDI
  • David Birch - Government 
  • Trudi White, ORIE
  • Dr. Jackie Thomas - HUMD
  • Shannon Marino, Manager - Student Life
  • Robbie Rogers, ELC  

Let the FSRC know what you are thinking. Use the electronic form below.