LSC-Tomball Vice President-Student Success Ann Johnson oversees anintegrated student services and student development model that works closely with instruction to create a student-centered system. Under her purview fall Advising and Counseling, Financial Aid, the Extended Learning Center, TRiO Support Services, Student Life, Recruitment, and Transcripts.

The Center for Organization and Teaching Excellence offers opportunities to learn more about Student Success and to meet key figures in the various departments.

"What's the Scoop?" with Student Success

These roundtables allow attendees the opportunity tomeet withVice President-Student Success Ann Johnson. Faculty and staff from all disciplines and divisions are invited to dialogue about any aspect of LSC-Tomball student services. What are we doing well? What can we do to enhance your work experience and help the students you see?


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Student Success Discussion Series

In these themed, one-hour discussions, key personnel from different Student Services departments will address important subjects key to engaging and retaining students,each important factors when helping them succeed. All faculty and staff are invitedand encouragedto participate in these discussions.


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