Lone Star College now features secure electronic delivery of official academic transcripts. This is the preferred method of delivery because it is the fastest and most secure delivery method! For institutions participating in Electronic Transcript Exchange, the default delivery option will appear as ‘Send Electronically to US College or Agency'. These are institutions that have agreed in advance to exchange transcripts electronically. For all other recipients not in the list, the 'Electronic PDF delivery' option may be selected after verifying that your recipient will accept this form of delivery. In both cases, these transcripts will be ready for secure pickup by your recipient within 12 hours on normal business days.

Important information before placing your transcript order:

  • Paper/Mail Delivery - Transcripts will be processed and mailed within 3-5 business days after we receive your request.
  • Hold for Pick-up -  YOU MUST SELECT the campus you will be picking your transcript up for any hold for pick up requests. If you do not select a campus, your transcript will AUTOMATICALLY be held at the Lone Star College System office in Student Records. Transcripts not picked up after 30 days will be destroyed.
  • Additional Documents - Ordering online enables you to upload documents that must accompany your transcript (e.g. LSAC, AMCAS, and/or scholarship forms). You will be presented with the upload option while placing your order.
  • Official transcripts are $9.00 each
  • Status Updates will be emailed or sent via text-message
  • Online transcript tracking is available

Transcripts can be ordered online using any major credit card. Your credit card will be charged when your school sends your transcript(s).

The Following is required to order a transcript online

  • A valid major credit card
  • An email account
  • Your signed consent (provided during the order process)

Contact the National Student Clearinghouse

Questions? Check Transcript Ordering Help or contact the National Student Clearinghouse.

Phone: (703)742-4200
E-mail: transcripts@studentclearinghouse.org