LSC Study Abroad Programs

The following study abroad programs have been proposed for 2016. Contact the professor in charge of the trip to sign up. Their contact information is listed below.

Spring Break 2016 Programs

Dominican Republic

ENVR 1402: Environmental Science II

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London, Paris, & Amsterdam
(England, France, & The Netherlands)

PSYC 2301: General Psychology

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May Mini-Semester 2016 Programs


GEOG 1301: Physical Geography

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Costa Rica

PHED 1172: Backcountry Expeditioning I

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MUEN 1151: Chamber Singers

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England & France

Study World War II & the Liberation of France (D-Day) in Normandy!

HIST 1302: United States History Since 1877

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London & Paris
(England & France)

ACCT 2401: Principles of Financial Accounting
ECON 2301: Macroeconomics

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Paris, Berlin, & Auschwitz
(France, Germany, & Poland)

HIST 1302: United States History Since 1877 &
GOVT 2305: Federal Government

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HIST 2312: Western Civilization from 1648

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Summer I Semester 2016 Programs


BUSI 1301: Introduction to Business
ACCT 2401: Principles of Financial Accounting

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Spain (Madrid)

SPAN 2312: Intermediate Spanish II

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Summer II Semester 2016 Programs

Great Britain

PHIL 2306: Introduction to Ethics &
PHIL 2307: Introduction to Social & Political Philosophy

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Other 2016 Programs

Looking for a different subject or possibly a different destination? Check out the Study Abroad programs offered through the Texas Gulf Coast International Education Consortium (TGCIE)! Lone Star College has partnered with area institutions to offer LSC students even more opportunities to study abroad while earning academic credit.

Why consider a TGCIE program?

  • More program options. Choose from different courses and/or destinations.
  • No additional driving is required! The U.S.-based portions of the classes are conducted online so you don't have to commute any further.

See for yourself! Check out the TGCIE programs page for more information.