Study Groups

Form a study group with the help of the Learning Center!

Why should we form a study group?

  • Statistically, students who study with their peers earn higher grades than those who study by themselves.
  • The study group atmosphere helps to support good study habits.
  • You can help yourself and your peers by interacting and thinking critically during a study group session.

Why should I form my study group through the Learning Center?

The Learning Center will provide your group with the following amenities:

  • A group study room
  • A seminar on effective study groups
  • A mentor tutor
  • Learning Center resources (books, DVDs, videos, etc.)

How do I get started?

Find a few students in your class that are interested, complete this form and return it to the Learning Center in PAC 200. A Learning Center representative will contact you with more information.

Study Groups

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