An honors contract allows a student to receive Honors credit for a non-Honors course by completing work that is above and beyond, and perhaps even different from, what is required of other students in the course.

How do you complete an honors contract in a course?

  • Start by talking to your professor and expressing interest in completing an honors contract.
  • Visit our Honors Forms and Handbooks pagefor the honors student handbook and related forms.

Your goals will be:

  • To learn the course material at a more sophisticated level
  • To establish a professional relationship with a faculty member

You accomplish this by engaging in an in-depth project that is related to the course. This project is typically a research paper, an experiment, or a service-learning project, but can also be a type of project that is creatively tailored to the course and your interests.

Once you and your professor sign the Honors Contract form, you are expected to honor this agreement. This means that you fulfill all regular course requirements as well as complete the Honors Project outlined in the contract. The contract is for honors designation in the course and in no relieves you of regular course responsibilities, which must be accomplished with a final grade of B- or better in order for the honors designation to be awarded.

You are required to present your project at Honors Presentation Day at the end of the semester. The Honors Presentation Day is an opportunity to share your knowledge over a specific topic and hear other students speak about their own topics.

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