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An Honors Contract is a way for students to engage in interesting research with the help and guidance of a faculty mentor. Students are able to pursue a topic of their interest in a variety of academic fields. The product of this research will be a formal essay and a public presentation of the findings on Honors Conference Day. Students with an especially strong presentation may be chosen to present their work at a local or regional conference. Such formal presentations greatly strengthen a student's resume. Once the contract has been fulfilled, the Honors College office will add honors designation to the appropriate course on the student's transcript. (A final grade of A or B in the course is required for honors designation.)

Students may earn one of three designations on their transcript that will be recognized at graduation.

  • Honors in Research - at least nine contract credit hours
  • High Honors in Research - at lest fifteen contract credit hours
  • Highest Honors in Research - at least twenty-one contract credit hours

Requirements are fairly simple. A student must have completed at least nine college level credit hours with a grade point average of 3.25 or higher, and must currently be enrolled in, or must have completed within the last year, a course in the discipline within which the research falls. 

The steps from there are---

  1. Submit an Honors College application - Click here 
  2. Contact an Honors contract Mentor from the list below.
  3. Once the mentor agrees, work with him or her to get the proposal ready. This MUST be completed BEFORE NOON February 11, 2016.
  4. Complete and submit the online Honors Contract with the attached proposal no later than NOON February 11, 2016 Click here
  5. Be sure to fulfill all the contract requirements, including regular meetings with the mentor, submitting the essay on time and presenting the work on Honors Conference Day. Specific dates will be emailed to all contract students. 
  6. Attend an Honors Contract Workshop. The dates and times will be announced later through MyLonestar email.


If you have any questions, please contact the Honors College office.
Room: S257
Phone: (832)559-4214
Email: TomballHonors@lonestar.edu


Honors Contract Mentors Spring 2016

Art Prof. Steffani Frideres   (281) 401-1808 Steffani.a.frideres@lonestar.edu
Biology Prof. Lowery  W204F (281) 357-3743  Marvin.B.Lowery@lonestar.edu
Biology Dr. Simcik E271C (281) 351-3308 William.J.Simcik@lonestar.edu
Business Prof. Burns E211D (281) 401-1842 John.A.Burns@lonestar.edu
Chemistry Dr. Goldknopf W204B (281) 401-1827 Ira.Goldknopf@lonestar.edu
Economics Prof. Davia S257H (281) 357-3699 Renato.L.Davia@lonestar.edu
English Dr. Piercy S153J (281) 401-7814 Van.A.Piercy@lonestar.edu
English Dr. Rollins S257M (281) 357-3796 John.B.Rollins@Lonestar.edu 
English Dr. Tate S257C (281) 351-3340 Rebecca.L.Tate@lonestar.edu
English Prof. Veselis S257G (281) 351-3304 TomballHonors@lonestar.edu
English Dr. Kyle Solak N1109H (281) 401-1804 Kyle.Solak@LoneStar.edu
Geology Prof. Bradford  N210L (281) 351-3317 Christine.D.Bradford@lonestar.edu
Government  Dr. Haysley S153S (281) 357-3602 Virginia.M.Haysley@lonestar.edu
History Prof. Fox N210B (281) 351-3326 Clifton.R.Fox@lonestar.edu
History Dr. Hayward E211J (281) 357-3653 Barbara.J.Hayward@lonestar.edu
History Dr. Prewitt S257

 (281)  357-3759

Mathematics Prof. Hammerbacher N109G  (281) 357-3679 Mark.F.Hammerbacher@lonestar.edu
Music Dr. Morales E153 (281) 401-1845 Lisa.R.Morales@lonestar.edu
Occupational Therapy  Dr. Ruppert HSB111M (281) 826-5394 Terra.Ruppert@lonestar.edu 
Philosophy Dr. Capistran S153F (281) 357-3612 Michael.D.Capistran@lonestar.edu
Political Science  Patrick Gilbert    (281) 401-1857 Patrick.Gilbert@LoneStar.edu
Sociology     Prof. Filoteo S204D (281) 357-3683 Janie.Filoteo@lonestar.edu
Speech Dr. Tiffee E213H (281) 401-1858 Sean.Tiffee@lonestar.edu