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The three main contracts used at Lone Star College-CyFair are:

Goods and Services
Independent Contractor Form
Speaker Agreement

The nature of the services being contracted by the vendor will determine which contract you should use. You will not be asked to select and/or prepare contracts as the Center for Student Life (LRNC 141) will gladly help you with this. You also have the option of your DOM helping you with the contracts. Your main function in this process will be to ensure that the vendor(s) complete and submits all necessary contracts and forms in the time frame set by the Center for Student Life.

Vendor Application

Room and Resource Reservations

The following documents will explain the room and resource request/reservation process. Lone Star College-CyFair currently uses the R25 system to schedule rooms and request resources such as tables, chairs, catering, and media needs. If your event involves a contract, the contract process must be completed and approved prior to all room and resource requests/reservations. All WOW sponsors will be responsible for reserving their own rooms and requesting any resources that they might need.

The following tips might be helpful when making your request:

  • The anticipated amount of people attending the event will determine the type of room needed.
        i.e. a conference room can sit 20-100 people per room.
  • Will this event be loud?
        A loud event might want to be moved to the cafeteria area in CENT.
  • Will my event require food?
        The conference center allows food, while CASA 110 does not.
  • Will my event require media such as a screen and projector, PowerPoint capabilities, a mic?
  • Will I need a podium and stage?
  • Will I need a check-in table?
  • Is my speaker bringing their own laptop to connect to LSC-CyFair projectors?

Please refer to Celia Barnes of Events Planning in the College Relations Department with any additional questions or concerns. Celia Barnes can be contacted at: Cy-Fair.Events.Planning@lonestar.edu or at 281.290.3937.

Marketing and Advertising

WOW sponsors are responsible for promoting their events and getting students to attend. To ensure that the event is successful, all WOW sponsors should begin working on marketing and advertising event once R25 confirmation is given by Events Planning/College Relations. This is done to ensure that all dates, times, and locations are set and to limit any future changes to promotional materials. All sponsors should submit a College Relations Work Request to Rachel Valle for submission to College Relations. When submitting a College Relations Work Request, please make sure to include the following:

  • Any text you want on the flyer should be typed onto the request. The information will merely be pasted from the request to the artwork to avoid errors. Thus, be sure to check all spelling and grammar. Do not include any links or handouts for reference as College Relations will only be concerned with the text you actually want on your promotional materials.
  • Be as specific as possible. If you have a concept of what you would like the artwork to look like, email the concept with the request

College Relations Work Request

Printing Promotional Materials

Once artwork is completed and approved by WOW sponsors, the Center for Student Life will work with the sponsor to ensure materials are printed within the limits of the approved budget. Sponsors are welcome to complete the print request form, but all requests should be sent to Rachel Valle for budget review and submission to Print Services. Any sponsors granted funds to purchase additional signage, such as banners, can schedule these purchases with Rachel Valle.


Here you will find the Catering Guide and the Catering Request Form. All catering should have been authorized in your approved WOW proposal and should not exceed the amount of approved funds for catering at your event. Once the Catering Request Form is complete, it should be submitted to Rachel Valle for review and submission to Food Services.

In an effort to be more fiscally responsible, catering food at general campus meetings (3 hours or less) will no longer be allowed. All requests for catered meals at campus or community events must be approved by the appropriate vice President. Please consult your VP for more information, as well as the Guidelines below.

Please be sure to contact Food Services with any questions or concerns you have with your event catering.

Guidelines for Usage of College Resource for Food
Catering Guide
Catering Form

Supplies, Décor, ETC

All supplies, décor, etc. needed for events and approved by the WOW Committee can be purchased by the WOW sponsor and/or Student Life. All purchases that WOW sponsors would like Student Life to purchase should complete the Student Life Purchasing Request Form located under this tab. Any WOW sponsors purchasing items with their college-issued procurement card should contact the Center for Student Life for a budget code to reconcile the purchase. All WOW sponsors that wish to purchase items without a procurement card must submit an Expense Report in iStar. Regardless of how items are purchased, copies of all receipts must be submitted to the Center for Student Life for budget tracking purposes.

Purchasing Request Form

Day of Event

  • Check room setup to ensure that all setup needs have been met.
  • Check all IT needs to ensure that presentations will run smoothly.
  • Check all microphones.
  • Check catering for any adjustments and placement.

Event Contacts

Cinema WOW - Movie Licensing

Due to licensing requirements, there are several legal constraints that the college and any presenter must follow when both choosing a film and marketing it. For example, the license does not usually permit the advertising of film titles to the general public. However, you are allowed to advertise film titles in the library, but nowhere else on campus. This constraint includes press releases, campus flyers, online listings, etc. For this reason, films will be advertised by their general themes but not by their titles.

When choosing a film, please use the information below:

  • Movie Licensing USA (Movlic.Com/Library/index.html)
    This site allows you to search by title, or you can also click the link to “Movie Search” and search by genre (e.g., Women’s Awareness Month, Women’s Studies, etc.). If a film is not listed here by title, you can check the approved Distributors’ List found below. If the film that you want to show is distributed in the U.S. by one of the distributors listed here, then we are allowed to show it, even if it does not appear in the website search.

Distributors List

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