Part-time Instructor Certificate

The Part-Time Instructor Certificate is a 12-month program which meets Monday through Friday 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Tuition for the Part-Time Instructor Certificate is $7,000 and covers all required classes, as well as books and necessary equipment. Tuition prices subject to change. 


Prerequisites: ENGL 1301 &
General Education Electives (9 hours)

Required Courses:
CSME 1434
CSME 1435
CSME 2414
CSME 2415
CSME 2444
CSME 2445

High School diploma or GED

Current Texas operator’s license

Within the past five years, applicant must have a minimum of three years work experience as a licensed cosmetologist versed in all phases of cosmetology.

Completion of 12 semester hours in general education including
ENGL 1301

Minimum age of 18 years

Must pass comprehensive cosmetology placement examination before any cosmetology instructor classes.