Student Government Association (SGA) is your key to improving your campus. We will listen to your views and take them forward to the administration on your behalf. 

So far we have asked for: 

  • a coffee shop and now we have Minuti,
  • charging stations and now they are located at various points around the campus,
  • an express printing station with greater computer access and now the SLRC has additional printing options.
Give us your ideas and let us know what you would like to see around the campus so we can work together to make LSC-University Park a better place for all our students.

How to get involved?

You can get involved by attending events, joining a club, start your own club, help the student activity board and/or joining us in the Den.

If none of these appeal to you then you can still visit us in our office which is located in Building 13, room 254.

SGA holds a General Assembly the second Friday of every month in The Den at Noon where all the clubs gather to discuss upcoming events and activities. The general assembly is open to all students so please feel free to attend..


We, the students of Lone Star College-University Park, in order to promote student participation in the decision making process, to protect the rights and secure all opportunities and promote unity for every student regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, age, national origin, or sexual preference do ordain and establish this Constitution for a student government. We also seek to encourage commendable citizenship and participation in all aspects of student, state and national government. Click here to read the full Constitution.


President – Marc Thibodeaux