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The Early Alert System (EASy) is a student success system that is designed to help students reach their full potential by identifying the educational needs of each students and recognizing their potential. This is normally done by their teacher who is able to pass the information on to the EASy team. The EASy team will then schedule a meeting with the student to discuss support options.

Students Self Referral

As a student you are able to refer your self to the the EASy program to recieve additional support, this support is aimed to help you achieve your full potential.

How to self refer

The referral process is easy, you just have to contact UP-EarlyAlert@lonestar.edu.

Faculty and Staff Referrals

If a student in your class is falling behind and not reaching their full potential then you are able to refer them to EASy, the EASy staff members will take it from there.

How to refer

Faculty refer by: