Counselor's/Administrator's Referral Form
ETS Applicant Recommendation/Referral Form.pdf



****Field Trip/Workshop/Summer Leadership Academy forms may be submitted by****
1. Email to:
2. Fax to ETS at 281-765-7788 Attn: Maria Gonzalez
3. Klein Intermediate: Janie Elmore, Counselor
4. Wells Middle School: Ivan Kerguelen, 7th Grade Counselor / Chaka Lawton, 8th Grade Counselor 
5. Wunderlich Intermediate: Britney Jackson, 6th Grade Counselor
6. KFHS: Michelle McCharen, College & Career Readiness Counselor
7. Nimitz High School: Robert Kaping, Counselor  
8. Nimitz 9th Grade: Sharon Thomas, Counselor Secretary 
9. Westfield High School:  Gracie Barcena, Counselor Secretary