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Adjunct Faculty SLO Assessment Training

SLO/PLO Handbook

Section Selection E-Form Guide

Curriculum Team Form (Worksheet)

Assessment Tools and Forms


SLO Assessment Process - PowerPoint

Detailed Explanation of SLO Process

SLO Timelines

Selected Terminology for SLO Assessment

PLO Toolkit

How to Create an SLO-PLO Statement - PowerPoint

Assessment Methods - PowerPoint

How to Create a Rubric - PowerPoint

Sample Rubric from AAC&U

Samples of Rubrics

How to Use Data to Improve Student Learning (Making Recommendations) - PowerPoint

Recommendation and Implementation Examples

Example of PLO Assessment Report -PTA

PLO Data Entry Guide - Internal Users Only

PLO Worksheet

List of PLOs

PLO - Course Alignment Map

Workforce Program & AAT PLO-Course Alignment Map

AA/AS PLO-Course Alignment Map

SLO Toolkit

SLO Assessment Form Guide to Data Entry - Internal Users Only

SLO Data Collection Tool Worksheet

Using the SLO Data Collection Tool from Home

FAQs about SLO Assessment


SLO Assessment Plan Worksheet

Creating SLO Assessment Plans - PowerPoint


Section Selection E-Form Guide

SLO Data Collection Tool Instructions

Closing the Loop

SLO Assessment: Closing the Loop for the Current Year - PowerPoint

SLO Closing the Loop Report Worksheet



LSCS Strategic Plan and Goals



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